Member Notice

The Club is letting members know, that a candidate seeking election in the 2024 Ballot for directors of the Parramatta Leagues’ Club Ltd, has requested the Register of eligible Voting Members including:

·                     name;

·                     address;

·                     date of each member’s entry in the Register;

·                     mobile phone number;

·                     email address.

The application has been made pursuant to section 173(3) of the Corporations Act. In effect, that section requires the Club to give a copy of the Register of Members to a person who (among other things) makes application for a copy of the Register in the prescribed form, and states each purpose for which the person is accessing the copy of the Register, which must not be a prohibited purpose

The purpose stated in the application is for the purpose of contesting the 2024 elections for the Board of Directors. This is not a prohibited purpose.

Accordingly, and subject to other procedural matters being satisfied by the member, the Club is legally obliged to provide a copy of the Register of Members to that member.

However, the member cannot use the information for any other purpose other than that stated above, nor share that data with any other person.

The member has undertaken to return the data by the time of the 2024 AGM, not make any copies and will ensure any data that remains in his possession will be destroyed entirely.

The Board and management trust that members will understand the Club’s position in relation to this matter.

Kind regards

Chris Dimou

Chief Executive Officer

Parramatta Leagues’ Club Ltd

ID: 1980

Member Notice