The Restaurant

Welcome to the brand new Dural Country Club restaurant experience! We are proud to introduce our new gourmet Italian restaurant – Fedele’s at Dural. With a titanic floor space, a menu for all comers, and a welcoming staff, the Dural Country Club has teamed up with three passionate Italian chefs, to bring your dining to a whole new level. Pasta lovers, pizza lovers, steak, parmigiana, or as much garlic as your taste buds can handle, this is an authentic Italian experience like none other.

Fedele’s restaurant will now be closed on Mondays. 

We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Chefs

Brothers Angelo and Dominic have lived and breathed Italian food their entire lives. From the ages of 14 and 15, they have dedicated their entire lives to perfecting the art of Italian cuisine. With a successful history running half a dozen different restaurants on the Gold Coast, including the famous 32-year-old Nicolini’s, Angelo and Dominic have brought heart and soul to their Italian cooking for decades.

Their cousin, Anthony, opened Fedele’s Pizza Restaurant with his wife Antonella in 2005, and for twelve years ran one of the most successful pizza outlets in the North-West. With raving reviews, a loyal clientele, and a dedicated staff, Fedele’s Pizza brought the finest flavours of the old country to the people of East Ryde and beyond. With a passion for food, a dedication to authentic cooking, and impeccable customer service, Fedele’s Pizza was an outstanding success.

The Food

The three chefs are now teaming up to bring you their finest creations yet – from the scorching hot mouths of wood-fired pizza ovens! Cutting no corners in the pizza-making process, these guys take their hand-made, hand-rolled dough, top it with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and finish it off to a crispy perfection in a wood-fired oven.

For the pasta lovers? Try the Tagliatelle Boscaiola or Arrabiata, or the beautiful Spaghetti Napoletana or Bolognese. With risotto and hand-rolled gnocchi on the menu as well, there is plenty to suit all tastes. If you’re extra hungry, you might like to try out the half-kilogram T-Bone steak. That’s right, 500gm of Fiorentina T-Bone, seared and perfected by the best in the business, topped with your choice of house-made gravy, creamy mushroom, pepper verde, or hollandaise sauce.

For the pescatarians, you can’t go past the barramundi fillet, crisped to perfection, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce and a freshly minced spinach mash, or go old school style with our battered flathead and jalapeno tartare & sides.

These are just a few of the dishes on offer from 1st December, when Fedele’s at Dural kicks off at your local Dural Country Club!

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